Vacation from a Fitness Perspective:

Exercise Tips on Vacation is important. Vacation is a time for yourself, family and time to escape the duties of everyday life. It is a well-earned break, but it can also be a great time to exercise in non-traditional ways. Vacation can allow you to break out of the regular routine, you tend to stick to. This causes your mind to introduce new and different ways to workout your body. Whether you are at the beach or the mountains, you can plan a variety of activities that allow beneficial exercise. You can schedule activities such as a stroll on the beach or a scenic hike. Many hotels or resorts offer a fitness area for their guests to utilize during their stay or you can bring your own equipment such as bands, a set of dumbbells, or a jump rope even. If you want to utilize the area where you are vacationing instead of sticking to a gym, here are a few ideas that are good for the mind and body.

Breaking a Sweat with a View:

If you are vacationing at the beach or a tropical setting, there are so many ways you can utilize the nature around you to get a sweat in. The ocean offers a large variety of activities such as the benefits of swimming while snorkeling, paddle boarding, or surfing. Paddling or rowing can offer many benefits to the cardiorespiratory system as well as a great arm and core workout. These activities however can require some experience, but don’t worry there are several other fit activities to throw yourself into. A long walk in the sand is a wonderful cardio and lower body exercise, it isn’t always easy to trudge through the sand. Aside from walks there are some more fun alternatives such as beach volleyball or bike riding, the movements involved in these sports can offer the benefits of exercise you are looking for.


While vacationing in mountainous terrain or destinations offering many adventures can be one of the best workouts. I think I speak for most of us when I say that the view at the end of the hike is a crucial motivation to finish strong. It isn’t always easy making it to the top, but pacing yourself and reminding yourself of the beautiful sights to come can push you through a strenuous exercise. If you prefer or have any interests in mountain biking or bike trails, many mountainous locations offer them! Biking is always a beneficial full body exercise and is one way to ensure a good workout all while vacationing. Biking and hiking have great benefits on the cardiorespiratory system as well toning the entirety of the body.


Here are some other exercises you could take up on vacation that don’t take up too much time:

  •         Plank variations
  •         Yoga stretching
  •         Body weight exercises such as squats, lunges, push-ups, etc.
  •         Go on a run
  •         Bike ride
  •         Walking to lunch/dinner or other sightseeing stops
  •         Hotel gym or local exercise studio if time permits


Relax and Unwind:

If you are looking for a vacation to totally disconnect and relax, then giving your body a break could be a great option for resting and coming back stronger when you return to your routine. But if your vacation allows a variety of adventures and different spots you would like to visit, you can certainly think of venturing around through a fitness perspective. You can cut yourself some slack in the exercise department and enjoy your time on vacation all while still maintaining previous health goals. Remember to try and use the stairs and avoid the elevator to get that heart rate up!

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