Although the holidays exacerbate feelings of joy and excitement, it can often be a time of anxiety and stress. Instead of letting these overwhelming feelings get the best of you, there are ways you can manage your holiday triggers and prep for the stress so that you can enjoy all of the wonderful celebrations the holidays have in store. 

Working at a personal training studio allows us to help others work through their holiday jitters by providing them an outlet to break a sweat and set aside the stressors for the hour they are here. 

Here are a few helpful tips that can allow you to gauge your feelings in order to work through your stress and anxiety in a healthy way:

  1. Take time to notice how you are feeling

Listen to your body and your mind, release those feelings of stress and anxiety by telling a loved one what it is you’re going through. Express those feelings so that they don’t fester up inside because stress can take a negative toll on the body. No shame in your emotion game, let them run free so you can allow your mind some relief!

  1. Don’t eat your feelings

It can be tough not to indulge in all the wonderful, sweet foods floating around during the holidays. Lots of family, friend, and work get togethers typically call for one heck of a food spread. 

Just remember to: 

  • find alternatives when cooking with certain oils, butters, fats etc. 
  • eat in moderation and maintain that portion control
  • avoid processed foods and stick to homemade dishes 
  • add more vegetables and fruits in your diet, of course
  1. Don’t neglect your exercise regimen

  • Long day at work? Try to bust out a quick, 20-30 min exercise from home 
  • Take a nice walk after meals- helps with digestion alongside some physical activity
  • Holiday related activities- ice skating, stroll to see Christmas lights, decorating the tree (all of these activities are pretty typical during the holidays and provide some form of exercise)
  1. Self-care

  • Try to stick to your regular sleep schedule- irregular bed and wake times can affect mood and cause fatigue 
  • Take time to yourself- we all need a moment to recharge from time to time as well as a few quiet moments to yourself- take it!

Manage Your Body and Mind

Whatever your holidays triggers may be, there are healthy ways to manage these feelings of distress in order to maximize your holiday season! Don’t be afraid to find outlets and speak out about your feelings, it will allow you feel loads better. 

Here at reBalance Fitness and Nutrition- we wish all of you a happy holidays and a happy New Year!