A Little Bit About Us

The reBalance studio provides many beneficial services for our clients. Each team member goes above and beyond for the folks that enter our studio which in turns creates a warm and welcoming environment to all. Each client comes and goes with a smile, finding themselves satisfied with their work ethic and progress each session.

What we Have to Offer

Team reBalance has much more to offer aside from personal training sessions. We have a licensed physical therapist on site, registered dietician and nutritionist, as well as a handful of certified personal trainers and class instructors. The owner of the company, Kim, is even a certified athletic trainer as well. All of our staff members are heavily experienced with what they do, they have made it their mission to understand how the body works and what the body needs. Each of our client’s absorb the advice we give them about health and wellness and can apply it to their everyday lives.

We Go Above and Beyond

The team genuinely cares about the physical, mental, and emotional state of each client. Maintaining a positive and nurturing relationship with each client improves their progress. We provide encouragement, motivation, personalized exercise and nutrition programs, and even advice on life, sleep, and diet to every client. Everyone feels at home here and thrilled that someone is supporting them on their health journey.

Physical Therapy

By having a physical therapist on staff, we can refer our clients that may be feeling tense in certain areas or struggling with past persisting injuries. Our physical therapist, Dave, goes above and beyond to assure our clients are feeling their best to go about their daily activities without feeling any discomfort. Our clients enjoy their sessions with Dave and truly feel that he is making a difference in their everyday lives.

Personal Training

Kim, Susanne, Hannah, and Maddie are our personal trainers who provide awesome demonstrations, personalized exercise plans, and serve as a reinforcement for their clients. We believe our clients can achieve anything they set their minds to and we are here to push them to get there. As a personal trainer, you need to ensure your clients are in safe hands with each of the tasks they are given during their workout. We always encourage a healthy lifestyle beyond the studio so they can notice their progress at a faster rate.

Nutrition and Diet

Our dietician and nutritionist, Sue and Cameron, offer information pertaining but not limited to food and how a balanced diet should look. They utilize special technology in order to run metabolic tests on their clients that displays exactly how much calories they should be consuming per day. They enjoy hearing about their clients everyday live and are at the ready to make modifications to a client’s diet plan in order to maximize the success of the program.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a personal training studio in Charlotte, North Carolina, look no further. If you are hoping to better your lifestyle, reBalance can give you all you need to achieve your goals. Aside from the great services we provide, we sell food and drink products as well that can substitute some of the unhealthy things that we like to consume from time to time. Each client receives our undivided attention during each session as well as outside of the studio. We are always here for our family at reBalance at any time of the day.