Get Up and Get Moving

The first step in exercising is mustering up the motivation to get up and get your body moving. If you have a busy schedule, it can be difficult setting aside time to get active. Exercise doesn’t always have to be done in a gym setting; it can be done on your own terms.

Whether you are exhausted at the end of the work day or if there are kids running wild, there is at least 30 minutes to set aside for yourself. There is a variety of ways to exercise that don’t require much equipment or time.

Prioritize Your Health

Setting aside an appropriate amount of time in your day is a very important step. The last thing exercise should be seen as is just another thing on your to-do list in your busy schedule. Plan ahead and work out a way where you have 30 minutes of exercise 3-5 times a week.

As humans with various responsibilities, we tend to ignore time for ourselves. Time management is key whether it requires waking up earlier or pushing yourself to do it after work. Once you engage in a healthy routine that works with your schedule, it will be easier to follow from there on out.

Foundational Movements

If you have dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, or another form of equipment lying around, you can certainly incorporate them into your exercises. However, the exercises I will mention today require little to none equipment. Here are some great, foundational movements to incorporate into your exercise routine:

Lower Body:

-Body weight squats, Walking lunges, Jump squats, Curtsey lunges and reverse lunges, Glute bridge and single leg glute bridge, Step ups on stairs or heightened surface, Calve raises on stairs or flat surface.

Upper Body:

Push ups, Triceps Dips, Pull-ups if pull up bar available, Triceps push ups, Forward/backward arm circles, Plank shoulder taps, Downward dog to push up


Plank variations (side, forearm, gator, tall), Russian Twists, Crunches and sit-ups, V-ups, Bicycle crunch, Flutter kicks, Mountain climbers


Jumping jacks or jump rope, Running in place, High knees and/or butt kicks, 15-30 min. walk or speed walk, Go for a run, Bike ride if bike is accessible, Burpees


In Conclusion

These foundational movements will provide a full body workout if you are short on time or equipment. Even if you only have 30 minutes in your day to spare, you can pair some of these awesome exercises together to encounter a full body sweat all while achieving a healthy lifestyle with a busy schedule.