New Zealand’s Best is a company which imports premium nutritional supplements from New Zealand that are 100% natural with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. These supplements specialize in joint health and are made from the New Zealand Greenlipped Mussle. This native New Zealand shellfish is naturally high in anti-inflammatory Omega-3’s, glucosamine, chondroitin, and other nutrients that effectively reduce inflammation with no harmful side effects. Their products are not only for humans but for animals as well!

Meet the Owners

Melissa and Alan Burrus are the proud U.S. distributors of New Zealand’s Best products. These products have personally enhanced their lives as well as lives of their pets. They have been distributors of this premium brand of joint care products since 2015. Melissa is a dedicated member to team reBalance and has been working hard in the studio since November 2020. We always enjoy Melissa’s motivated and bright presence in the gym, next time you see Melissa in the studio, ask her about New Zealand’s Best. 

Get to Know the Products

New Zealand’s Best products are guaranteed to improve bone and joint health for humans and our furry friends. If you or someone you know suffers from joint pain such as arthritis, these natural supplements are the perfect place to start. 

The products we have available at the studio:

  • Mobicosa (joint and bone supplement)
  • Mobicosa Joint Gel (topical gel proven to aid in long-lasting pain relief)
  • Technyflex (for canines)
  • Kalsio (a calcium supplement)

Importance of Bone and Joint Health

Healthy bones and joints allow pain free movement and ease getting through your day. Bones are the foundation of our bodies and healthy cartilage promotes glide and ease into your movements, minimizing discomfort in joint areas. Bones and joints serve lots of vital purposes, the important is ability to move and keeping your bones and joints resilient will allow for preventive injuries and protective support. 

Melissa and Alan’s Experiences

Melissa has always enjoyed her relationship with fitness and being active is important to her. Melissa began to notice swelling and discomfort in her knee so she turned to Mobicosa, New Zealand’s Best bone and joint supplement, and started to notice positive differences in just one week. After just a month, she regained full range of motion, she stands by her products because they have made remarkable differences in her overall movement patterns. Melissa’s husband, Alan, had a career playing college football and the wear and tear over the years started to catch up with him. He developed arthritis in his knee and ankle joints due to past injuries and surgeries, he turned to Mobicosa to significantly reduce his knee pain as well as the Mobicosa pain relief joint gel. 


Ask us more information about the wonderful products from New Zealand’s Best. One of our very own clients is a product distributor for the company and would love to share her journey using these products. If you are suffering from joint and bone pain, search no further, we have the products readily available at the studio. You can get your joint and bone relief today, don’t put your body through the discomfort any longer!